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The Importance Of Using Document Shredding

For businesses that handle confidential information on a daily basis, it isn’t enough to hold important documents in a secure storage facility. Documents can easily build up in an office environment, especially an environment that has yet to go paper-free. The accumulation of documents in an office environment often leads to a myriad of problems…

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The Significance of a Document Retention Policy

Optimal security can be accomplished through the combination of several smart business practices. A detailed document retention policy is one (but very critical) process that contributes to improved business efficiency and consequently. Deciding what sensitive files need to be stored and which ones require secure destruction, is an important process that should be at the…

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Creating an Effective Document Management Plan for Your Business

Having a records management plan in place for your business provides the opportunity to keep your critical information secure at all times. In a time where identity theft and fraud cases continue to take place, it’s that much more important that your business is taking the right precautions to secure its data. For accounting, regulatory,…

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Tips for Turning to Professional Scanning Services in Portland

Document scanning is the most effective way to organize your critical business files and ensure you never misplace a business record or memo again. Paper documents can be lost easily due to improper filing or through accidental disposal. Not only that, accidents and disasters happen. Whether a storm targets your place of business or you…

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Medical Offices and HIPAA Compliance

Medical offices in Portland and across the United States are constantly circulating and storing a large volume of sensitive data. This information might include records such as financial documents, employee records, and most notably, patient medical records. Legally, all businesses regardless of industry or professional background should have a secure document shredding process in place. This becomes…

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