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Why Choose Data Safe For Your Regular Shredding Needs?

Many office documents contain critical information about your company's finances and customers. And if you work in the healthcare, legal, government, or financial industries, revealing sensitive information can result in heavy fines, damage to your reputation, and fraud and identity theft. Shredding these documents when they're no longer necessary for your company is essential for maintaining legal compliance and protecting personal and company information.


Fortunately, DataSafe offers the document shredding services Portland OR can depend on.


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With DataSafe, you can feel confident knowing your unwanted documents are being safely and securely destroyed. Whether you need your information to be destroyed monthly, weekly, or on a customized schedule, we're able to work with you to meet your needs.

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Regular Shredding Services

Our regular shredding services can assist your organization with keeping your office clutter-free, maintaining security of information, encouraging proper document disposal, and complying with information destruction laws.

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One Time Purge Services

Our one time purge services will eliminate your unwanted documents, regardless of the particular job size. Whether you need to clear out a cluttered storage room in your office or an entire warehouse full of documents.

Our Process

Action Plan

We begin by establishing an onsite Portland paper shredding action plan, which helps us guarantee the job is done properly.

Arrive on site

We then dispatch our friendly, uniformed professionals to arrive at your location at the agreed upon time.

Document Destruction

Finally, our professional representatives will shred your unwanted documents using our specialized, mobile shred truck for immediate, secure, on-site disposal.

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The Document Shredding Services Portland Oregon Can Trust

With DataSafe scheduled shredding services, your organization will receive a lockable, secure storage bin or console. This secure storage bin is designed to meet your organization's specific paper capacity needs.

Simply place your facility's unwanted documents and papers into the bin or console. The papers will stay safe and secure in this storage until DataSafe arrives on the scheduled pickup day.

On the scheduled pickup day, DataSafe will take your bin or consoles and safely and securely destroy your unwanted documents beyond recovery. Identity thieves won't be able to access your sensitive information at all. For the most secure document shredding services Portland Oregon can provide, there's DataSafe.

Recurring Shredding Services

The regular shredding of unwanted documents is an ideal solution for businesses and organizations who need more than a one-time shredding service.

On-site document shredding Portland services are especially great for:

  • Business expansion or reduction
  • Office clean-up and purging
  • Completion of litigation
  • Business relocation
  • Information destruction for legal compliance

Our mission is to protect our clients' sensitive information and vital assets through strict ethics, confidentiality, and optimal security.

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One-Time Shredding Services

One-time shredding is an ideal solution for organizations or individuals who need a one-time or periodic shredding of their sensitive information.

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One-time purge services are perfect for:

  • Yearly file clean-up
  • Completion of an audit or litigation
  • Destruction of records in relation to compliance
  • Business relocation, reduction, expansion or consolidation

The purge services we provide, offer a quick and efficient means for the destruction of your sensitive documents. We are your ideal partner for paper shredding Portland relies on.

Ready to find out more?

If your business or organization is in need of one-time or regularly scheduled shredding services, set up an appointment with the shredding service Portland Oregon trusts. Contact DataSafe today.

We are open and available for your shredding needs. Our COVID-19 Safety Precautions