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Best Document Shredding Service

paper shredder

Certified Document Shredding Company

Forget using your insecure personal shredder. Pick the more cost effective and secure option with our document shredding services.

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records shredding

Index Document

Save time & resources by utilizing DataSafe to effectively batch documents during the document scanning process.

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DataSafe, Portland, OR

24/7 Crisis

We know your information is important to you - that's why we provide superior customer service, especially in times of crisis.

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Hard Drive & Media Destruction

Are you storing old media & computers?

We are collecting and producing more data than ever before. Storing this data digitally instead of on paper is easy but protecting the data challenging as privacy breaches continue to point out weaknesses in data security. When the disk drive or digital media is no longer needed, you can't just throw it in the trash. It must be destroyed just like paper documents, your company has an ethical and legal responsibility to protect the confidential data stored digitally. 


 Data Destruction Services


"DataSafe helped our business disaster-proof all our assets. Now I know as a business owner I can rest easier with the thought that in the event of something happening, I would still have access to important documents."

"Our entire office would like to thank the entire team at DataSafe for their excellent service. We never expected such prompt attention for our records needs. Our experience coming from a national provider cannot remotely compare in customer support from DataSafe!!"

"Rates are competitive. Our firm went with a "non-local" company that was just a headache to deal with. I love the fact that if I need to contact someone, that I will reach a real person in Oregon not another country. Pick-up schedule is on-time."

"We would like to give a great big KUDO to the DataSafe Team!! It is always nice to communicate with your team in person and on phone. Always Service with a Smile with you all. Thank you!!"

Great response time to on demand shredding services, friendly staff, great prices. Highly recommend.

fair, local service for over THREE decades

proven record of protecting assets and security


We pride ourselves on being the best shredding service Oregon & Washington businesses can rely on. All our calls are answered directly by our staff, so you can count on transparent communication that keeps your assets secure. We don't believe in complicated contracts or pricing, and there are no 'gotcha' fees.

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We are open and available for your shredding needs. Our COVID-19 Safety Precautions