Document Scanning

Two Different, Affordable Scanning Options

The marketplace is filled with applications that provide a means to convert paper into digital form. Do you know the difference between a basic scanning application and a capture application? We do, and at DataSafe, we divide these items into two distinct offerings: scanning applications and capture applications.

Scanning is typically used for converting paper into an electronic form. If your volume is light and all you need to do is load paper and scan to a document library, then scanning applications provide an easy-to-use interface.

DataSafe has designed an effective way to batch index similar documents in the scanning process to save your staff time and ensures these documents are easily located when they are needed.


  • Scan-on-demand
  • Back file scanning
  • Day-forward imaging
  • DataSafe web-hosted repository


  • No software or expensive hardware to purchase
  • No infrastructure required – quick and easy
  • No risk of owning outdated equipment
  • Increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction, achieve business process efficiencies
  • Enhance team collaboration and accessibility
  • Enable security and compliance with your AD role-based permissions and audit tracking

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