Drop-Off Shredding Services in the Greater Portland, OR Area

Drop-Off Solutions for Homeowners and Small Businesses

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm
Please call us at 503-620-3423 before you arrive so we will be ready for you.

Drop-Off Instructions

  1. Please call us at 503-620-3423 when you arrive. Our staff will assist you with unloading your vehicle.
  2. Witnessing of shredding is available after 1:00 pm for our drop-off service.

Serving the greater Portland, Oregon area, DataSafe offers a specialized drop-off shredding service tailored for the convenience of homeowners and small business owners. Understanding the critical need for secure disposal of sensitive documents, we provide an effortless way to protect your privacy and business integrity.

Tailored Services for Your Unique Needs

  • Ideal for Small-Scale Shredding: Whether you’re decluttering your home office or managing confidential business papers, our service is perfect for those with smaller quantities of documents.
  • Simple and Quick Process: Drop off your documents at our Portland facility without the need for an appointment. Our process is streamlined to save you time.
  • High-Level Security: Our drop-off shredding service adheres to strict security protocols, ensuring complete destruction of your sensitive documents.

How DataSafe Protects Your Confidential Documents

  • Convenient Drop-Off: Visit our centrally-located facility in Portland with your documents at a time that suits you.
  • Secure Shredding: Our trained staff will securely shred your documents on-site, using advanced shredding equipment.
  • Certificate of Destruction: For your peace of mind, receive a Certificate of Destruction as evidence of secure disposal.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: We are committed to the environment. All shredded materials are responsibly recycled.

Why Homeowners and Small Businesses Trust DataSafe

  • Focused Service: Our drop-off shredding is specifically designed for residential and small-scale business needs.
  • Local Understanding: As a Portland-based service, we are closely aligned with the community’s needs and concerns.
  • Quick and Efficient: Save time and hassle compared to personal shredding solutions.

Secure Your Peace of Mind with DataSafe’s Drop-Off Shredding

Take the first step towards safeguarding your personal and business information. DataSafe’s drop-off shredding service in Portland, OR, offers a quick, secure, and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your sensitive documents.

Contact us today to learn more or to find our drop-off location.


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