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Businesses, even in the digital age, generate a significant amount of paperwork. From financial details about the company to confidential employee information to records on clients or customers, your corporation is responsible for extremely valuable and important information. Businesses have a legal and ethical obligation to securely discard this sensitive material

For over three decades, DataSafe has been working with corporations in Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, Salem, and north into Vancouver, WA. Our vast experience helps us develop streamlined, secure plans for the management, collection, and destruction of confidential data. With our scheduled, recurring shredding services, your business will be secure and compliant.

Corporate data breaches

Data breaches are a dime a dozen in the corporate world. They occur so frequently that’s rarely a surprise when one happens. Corporations deal in personal data so they’re possibly even more susceptible to identity theft and data breaches than other types of industries. Secure your company against mishandling by implementing a secure data disposal policy for paperwork and digital media.

Whether it’s a data breach due to a third-party vendor, a careless employee placing records in a recycling bin, or important data stored on forgotten hard drives, there are endless opportunities for criminals to access private information. Corporations need to emphasize security at every step and regular paper and digital shredding is a major piece of the puzzle.

Why DataSafe?

DataSafe has been serving business professionals in the Portland, Oregon area for over three decades. Thanks to our long tenure in the industry, we’re regarded as deeply experienced and highly professional. Not mention, DataSafe:

  • Is local to the Pacific Northwest
  • Is NAID AAA certified
  • Has transparent pricing
  • Employs well-trained and vetted staff
  • Provides clients with a Certificate of Destruction

Stay Compliant

Beyond the ethical obligation to protect the info of your clients, employees, and vendors, there are also numerous laws and regulations that require it. From California’s Consumer Privacy Act to HIPAA to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, there are many state, federal, and industry-specific laws and requirements to follow. Failure to comply can lead to fines, lost revenue, and – possibly more problematic – bad PR.

Make sure your business s protecting personal and financial data and identities. DataSafe can help you stay compliant with our ongoing, scheduled shredding and data destruction services.

We Can Destroy It All

Your corporation collects a lot of data, whether internal (such as financials, HR records, and payroll) or customer-focused. Failing to properly store this material properly puts your company at risk of data breaches, and your employees and customers at risk of identity theft. DataSafe securely destroys records, no matter if they’re paper or digital formats.

  • Financial documents
  • HR files and payroll
  • Invoices and payments
  • Tax statements
  • Transaction slips
  • Balance sheets
  • Social security numbers
  • Staff PII (personally identified information)
  • Tax and audit records

Professional Shredding Is the Secure Option

Savvy business owners and managers already know that document shredding is a must-have. It’s the only way to reliably get rid of sensitive data and unneeded documents. But when it comes to actually taking care of all that paper, some managers make a mistake. They use an in-house shredding machine and do the work themselves. This option simply isn’t secure enough. Cross-cut shredders cut paper into long strips that can be pieced together. More importantly, employees don’t always know which documents should be shredded and which can be recycled. Don’t let an employee’s error create an expensive data breach. Plus, doing the work in-house is a major waste of time. Hiring a professional shredding company like DataSafe improves your company’s bottom line by saving on operational costs, saving time, increasing productivity, and eliminating security risks.

Learn how a professional shredding service can improve your bottom line.


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