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Secure PAPER Shredding & Data Destruction in Oregon City

Since 1984, DataSafe has been the reliable locally owned business providing convenient and reliable shredding services to Oregon City. We meet your needs by offering one-time, weekly, monthly or annual services.

Our team of friendly professionals is ready to shred documents and data sources at your Oregon City company or we can bring your items to our secure warehouse. We keep your sensitive information safe and secure by destroying your documents beyond recovery.

paper shredder

Secure paper shredding

Forget using your insecure personal shredder. Pick the more cost effective and secure option with our document shredding services.

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records shredding

Data Destruction

DataSafe's data destruction services reduce the risk of legal, financial and PR disasters that could arise from a data security incident.

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DataSafe, Portland, OR

Why DataSafe?

We are proud to be a part of the Portland business heritage and serve the sustainability of our local economy and our communities.

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"DataSafe helped our business disaster-proof all our assets. Now I know as a business owner I can rest easier with the thought that in the event of something happening, I would still have access to important documents."

"Our entire office would like to thank the entire team at DataSafe for their excellent service. We never expected such prompt attention for our records needs. Our experience coming from a national provider cannot remotely compare in customer support from DataSafe!!"

"To the DataSafe Team: Thank you for the great support. You’re always there when we need you and never fail to respond quickly!"

"We would like to give a great big KUDO to the DataSafe Team!! It is always nice to communicate with your team in person and on phone. Always Service with a Smile with you all. Thank you!!"

Why choose datasafe

for your shredding needs in Oregon City?

As a longtime part of the Oregon City business community, we care about our neighbors. That's why we take pride in offering friendly, fair service to our clients. When you work with DataSafe, you'll receive excellent service and simple, reasonable pricing.

With hacking and identity theft cases on the rise, your company’s information is more valuable and vulnerable than ever. Stay in compliance with federal regulations by securely disposing of your company’s financial information and your employees’ and customers’ personal information.

DataSafe keeps your Oregon City company's sensitive information safe and secure by destroying your documents beyond recovery. 

More About Datasafe

We are open and available for your shredding needs. Our COVID-19 Safety Precautions