Why Choose DataSafe For Your Document Shredding Needs in Beaverton?

Cases of identity theft have been on the rise in recent years. If your organization's personal information fell into the hands of criminals or other unauthorized individuals, you could be putting your organization at serious financial and legal risk.

Your organization's documents can't be safely thrown into the dumpster. You can't shred them safely using a personal shredder either. You need a team of professionals capable of thoroughly destroying your sensitive information.

DataSafe keeps your sensitive information safe and secure by destroying your documents beyond recovery. This keeps your information safe from even the most clever of criminals.

Your information is one of your greatest assets. But it can quickly become a liability in the wrong hands.

DataSafe Inc. provides the document shredding Beaverton organizations need to keep their sensitive information secure and out of the hands of unauthorized people. We've been supplying certified secure shredding services businesses can rely on since 1985. Our flexible shredding plans offer weekly, monthly, or yearly service, whatever you need to stay protected.

Advantages Of Choosing DataSafe

  • One-time purge services (one call gets rid of it all!)
  • Ongoing, scheduled route paper shredding services
  • Fair, transparent and affordable pricing
  • Security and discretion
  • Superior customer service
  • AAA Certified
  • 24/7 Emergency services

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DataSafe has been providing document destruction services to Beaverton residents and businesses for over 30 years. Our business has grown right alongside the technology revolution.

Whether you're a large enterprise or a small office, you can expect superior customer support and service when you need it here at DataSafe. To learn more about our document shredding services or to get a free quote, call us today.