Industries Served


As a law firm, your first concern is for your clients. They trust you with so much and it’s your legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that the confidential data you acquire is securely disposed of.


Maintaining patient privacy is a vitally-important and complicated task whether you’re a hospital, medical clinic, or independent practitioner. The regulations and laws relating to the gathering, storage, and destruction of confidential patient info are extensive.


Businesses in the financial sector manage a large amount of sensitive data. Whether it’s related to internal operations, employees, consumers, or corporate clients, your information needs to stay secure.

Government agencies are entrusted with a substantial amount of sensitive data. Whether relating to employees, financial data, contractor relationships, or the public’s personal data, it’s your ethical obligation to protect confidential information.

Businesses, even in the digital age, generate a significant amount of paperwork. From financial details about the company to confidential employee information to records on clients or customers, your corporation is responsible for extremely valuable and important information.