Don’t Sweat It, Shred It! Why Document Shredding Is More Secure Than In-House Storage

Corporate identity theft costs American businesses $48 billion every year. To make matters worse, incidences of identity theft increased by 16% between 2015 and 2016. In-house document storage may seem like a good option to protect your old documents and identification information, but a professional shredding service can better protect your business from identity theft.

Professional shredding services offer greater privacy protection

American businesses have a legal responsibility to provide privacy protection for their employees, clients, and shareholders. Yet, this privacy can easily be breached when using in-house document storage.

When you use in-house document storage, you’re placing the responsibility of what needs to be securely stored in the hands of your employees. Trusted employees are highly valued, but mistakes can be made and information can be exposed.

What’s more, in-house document storage puts your company’s data on display for criminals. Criminals only need to break into your business to access personal and professional information.

Compared to in-house document storage, a professional shredding service has undergone a certification process and operates in a safe and secure facility. You don’t have to worry about important documents being left out in the open for criminals to access. All documents are destroyed to completion so no information can be obtained.

Document shredding improves productivity

It may seem like a safe and secure option to store your old and unused documents in-house. However, when you store your documents in-house it requires your employees to take time away from their work to securely file paperwork. This can reduce productivity and take time away from your employees’ key responsibilities.

A secure document destruction service doesn’t hinder employee productivity. When you outsource document shredding services, the professionals can take care of the old and unused documents so your employees don’t have to.

Document destruction is a safer and more secure option compared to in-house document storage. Each document is securely and completely destroyed in your shredding company’s facility.

You never have to worry about your business’ or clients’ information falling into the wrong hands. To learn more about how you can purge documents or to schedule your document shredding, contact Data Safe today.


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