One Time Shredding Vs. Ongoing Shreduled Document Shredding

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s just about time to set your office up for an intense spring cleaning to improve year-round productivity. In these situations, a one time document purge can be exactly what your business needs.

However, while a one time document shredding experience may be right up your alley at this time of year, ongoing scheduled document shredding has a number of benefits your business can take advantage of.

One Time Shredding Vs. Ongoing Scheduled Document Shredding
One time purge shredding services can be especially beneficial when your business is on a cleaning spree. Purge shredding gives your office more room to be productive, reduces waste and clutter, and reduces the risk of identity theft. In 2016 alone, one out of every 16 American adults were the victim of identity theft.

However, one time shredding services only provide you with these benefits once a year. That means throughout the rest of the year your business is experiencing piling documents around the office and additional clutter.

This can be problematic because the more clutter around your office, the less your employees will be able to find the work they need. What’s more, it puts old and unused documents at risk of being stolen by employees or strangers around the office.

Ongoing scheduled document shredding helps to keep the clutter out of the office and the risk of identity theft at a minimum. When you schedule your shredding at regular times throughout the year, you can feel safe knowing your old and unwanted documents are completely destroyed and are unable to be reconstructed by criminals.

What’s more, because routine document shredding keeps old and unwanted documents out of your office, it helps your office space maintain organization. An organized office is necessary for efficient work and improved productivity. The more productive your office is, the happier your customers will be and therefore the more successful your business.

Whether you choose one time shredding services or ongoing scheduled document services depends on the needs of your business. However, in the long run, you may find that ongoing scheduled document shredding may be more to your business’ liking because it reduces your risk of identity theft while improving organization. For more information on document shredding or to schedule shredding for your business, contact Data Safe Inc today.


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