Mobile Paper Shredding Services Are Revolutionizing The Paper Industry

Mobile paper shredding services are making it easier for businesses to handle their paper documents. Because of document management and electronic document storage, businesses don’t have as much of a need to store and archive their important documents in secure storage areas as they used to.

This helps protect businesses from identity theft due to the fact that, according to the Federal Trade Commission, there’s a one-in-33 chance of someone experiencing identity theft over the course of a year.

However, while electronic document storage is great, there’s still the need to eliminate the paper documents that would otherwise take up extra space and play host to security risk. This is where mobile shredding companies come into play.

How mobile shredding companies are changing the shredding industry

Businesses that shred their own documents themselves are often wasting time they could be spending increasing productivity. Additionally, businesses most often don’t have their own in-house paper shredding and recycling centers in order to get rid of the documents once they’ve been shredded. This can be a security risk as physical documents are the most common source of identity theft.

Mobile shredding companies can help businesses save money by dispatching a truck with a document shredder built into the vehicle. The vehicle then makes its way to the business where it can perform the company’s document shredding services on site. Once the documents have been shredded, the shredded materials are bagged and may either be disposed of by the client or the shredding company itself.

If the company has a vast number of documents that need to be shredded or if the client simply prefers an off site shredding, the company’s documents can be picked up by the mobile shredding company and taken back to the shredding service’s place of business to be securely disposed of. This type of shredding allows for multiple documents to be taken at a time and therefore gives the company more room more quickly.

Mobile paper shredding services increase a company’s office space and reduce the risk of identity theft. However, the shredding of excess paper documents also helps to reduce the risk of fire and work injuries such as slips, trips, and falls. As a result, mobile paper shredding services are not only revolutionizing the paper shredding industry, they’re also helping to make the office environment a safer and greener place to work.


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