Keep Your Confidential Information Secure in 2022

UPDATED FOR 2022! 2021 was a notable year for data breaches and while we’re only a few weeks into January, 2022 isn’t shaping up to be much better. If your New Year’s resolution wasn’t to assess your business’s security, then now’s the time to reconsider! Learn why and how data… Read More

Prepare For Tax Season

Tax season is fast approaching! Do you have a plan for dealing with documents once you’ve filed? How should you store old records? How long do you have to keep them? Here’s a brief outline for how to handle these important documents. How long do you have to keep tax… Read More

About the California Consumer Privacy Act

If your business handles customer data, you’re probably aware of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which was signed into law in 2018 and goes into effect in January 2020. The CCPA intends to provide consumers with greater privacy and control over how their personal information is used by companies. Read More

Data Breaches In The News

Data breaches are nothing new and they keep occurring. Buckle up, and let’s review what’s happened recently. Capital One Breach This week, we learned that the financial company Capital One has been hacked. The personal information (including birthday, income, and other application data) of 100 million… Read More

Avoid Tax-Related ID Theft

Ah, tax time. It’s arguably the worst thing about spring, and to make it even worse, it brings a new source of identity theft anxiety: tax-related ID theft. Learn how to protect yourself so you can get back to lounging on your patio or planting flowers in your garden. What… Read More

How Valuable is Your Trash?

When you hear the term “identity theft”, you might immediately think about data breaches and hackers. Maybe you picture nefarious criminals huddled around a basement computer. Perhaps you imagine a giant, faceless corporation carelessly storing your personal information and you feel like protecting yourself is out of your control. You’re… Read More

Fighting Identity Theft: What Are The Most Vulnerable Places In Your Workplace?

Corporate identity theft costs American businesses up to $48 billion every year. While many data breaches are caused by hackers determined to access your company’s information, up to 28% of data breaches happen because of human error.   The good news is that, with the proper precautions, you can keep… Read More

How Can I Protect My Business From Identity Theft During The Holiday Season?

The holiday season is a busy time of year, both for families and fraudsters. Identity theft is a major problem during the end of the year because it’s the time when families across the country are making more online purchases and using their credit cards more often.   Fortunately, you… Read More

What Can We Learn From The Equifax Data Breach?

Although the breach is no longer at the forefront of the public’s mind, the Equifax breach was the largest single data breach in American history. What was first believed to be just another data breach in a sea of cyber attacks against businesses turned into a disaster involving the breach… Read More

Are Your College Students Really Safe From Identity Theft?

While working for a college, the risk of identity theft may be at the back of your mind. After all, identity theft is more common at law firms and major business corporations, right? Wrong. In 2016, approximately one in every 16 American… Read More