Is Your Business Really As Safe As You Think It Is?

Every business wants to think they’re safe from cyber attacks and burglaries. Unfortunately, these crimes are common enough that assuming your business is safe may actually do your company more harm than good.

By understanding your company’s risk of theft and identity theft, the more you’ll be able to put up the right defenses. That said, here are a few signs it’s time to give your business a security upgrade.

    1. You have video surveillance but no alarm system. Most burglars can break into your business and leave with your valuables in 10 minutes or less, but they’re less likely to break into a place with an alarm system because the loud sounds attract attention.
    2. You have an alarm system but no video surveillance. It’s true burglars are less likely to break into your business with an alarm system, but without video surveillance, you won’t be able to see who it was attempting to get into your business.
    3. Your only security is a locked door. Even the safest neighborhoods have a crime rate. Don’t assume all you need to do to keep your business secure is locked the doors and windows.
    4. You don’t update your software until months later. Speaking of locking your windows, it’s important not to leave the windows open in your software either. One of the top reasons hackers are able to access computer data is because the company hasn’t updated their software immediately. The longer you wait to update your software, the more holes there are in your cybersecurity.
    5. You’re still using a hand-held machine to shred your documents. Hand-held shredders take a lot of time to use and they’re not always effective. All thieves need to do is piece the shredded papers together like a big puzzle to find the personal information they need. Professional shredding services can completely destroy the documents you need shredded so your information never falls into the wrong hands.

Where can I find document shredding Portland businesses trust?

Incidences of identity theft have increased by 16% between 2015 and 2016, and that percentage has only continued to jump. Fortunately, Data Safe provides experienced and secure document shredding Portland businesses can rely on to completely destroy unused documents.

Whether you’re looking for ongoing scheduled document shredding or a one-time document purge, Data Safe has the professional shredders you need to get the job done. To learn more or to schedule your shredding, contact Data Safe today.


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