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An Effective Document Management Plan for Your Portland Business

Ensuring you have a records management plan in place for your Portland business provides you with the opportunity to keep your critical information secure at all times. In a time where identity theft and fraud cases continue to take place, it’s that much more important that your business is taking the right precautions to secure its data. For accounting, regulatory, legal and other particular purposes, Portland organizations are legally mandated to store records for a specific time frame. In many situations, however, storage space is limited which of course makes organizing and storing records away, much more challenging for everyone involved. A cluttered and messy office creates the perfect environment for records to go missing or worse, be stolen. If and when this takes occurs, your business could be at substantial risk, as sensitive information that goes missing can lead to a threatening outcome.

The positive news is that there are several approaches you can take to ensure your information remains secure, safe from internal and external threats.

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4 Aspects of an Effective Document Management Plan:

Record Storage – Archiving your data with a professional records storage provider, will increase your employee and company efficiency tremendously. As mentioned, it can be difficult to store and locate files in-house at your Portland business when you’re flooded with overflowing cabinets; hiring a team of professionals to look after your records storage, will improve the way you approach document management because you’ll know exactly where all critical information is stored and will have ongoing access to information at all times. Most notably, your business will cut back on its costs, and reduce the number of inefficient, timely job duties.

Retention Schedule – Your records have a specific retention period for which they need to be securely stored. Attempting this internally at your place of business will take up considerable time and effort, not to mention space.  Should you be audited without much warning, you could end up facing data breach if it’s discovered documents weren’t accounted for. When it’s time to remove your old records for shredding, finding these files that have reached the end of their life cycle could be much more challenging. Through the use of a retention schedule, you never have to worry about your stored records again.

Document Shredding – After your information has served its purpose and does not need to remain on file, your Portland business is required by law to have them shred thoroughly. You are accountable for the information in those records and could be found liable if they are breached. DataSafe supplies secure document shredding services when you’re ready to dispose of your sensitive records safely.

Disaster Recovery Plan – Did you know that if a business experiences the effects of a natural disaster, there is a strong likelihood that it may never recover from the loss? Unless your Portland business has an effective disaster recovery plan in place to secure you from such a risk, information could be lost if you’re hit by a flood or fire. Of course, nobody wants to picture this scenario occurring, but the danger is real and it’s always better to be safe than sorry, with appropriate backup, should the need arise. Sadly, disasters can occur anywhere, anytime, often without any warning at all; this is just one more reason protecting your Portland Business with a disaster recovery plan should be high on your list of urgencies this year.

By implementing this recommended document management plan, you are taking a proactive approach securing your business and staying compliant with federal and state privacy laws.

If you are interested in improving or beginning a document management program entirely, DataSafe is your reliable source for every solution. Our services include document scanning, document shredding, data recovery and more. Please feel free to touch base with our professional team today. We are more than happy to offer assistance! Call 503-620-3423.

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