Is a Professional Shredding Service Right For My Business?

Does your company generate a lot of paperwork? You might be dealing with financial details about your company or confidential employee information. You may also have personal or financial records on your clients or customers. You probably already know that you have a legal and ethical obligation to discard of this material safely but you may be tempted to take care of it yourself. Here’s why you should use our services instead of shredding in your office.

Using staff labor is risky and expensive

Even staff with the best intentions may not always understand what documents require shredding. Employee errors are often the cause of data breaches. Additionally, the time your employees spend collecting, shredding, and cleaning up costs you money! Using DataSafe means that our well trained staff (who undergo regular and random background checks) will take care of all the shredding, letting your employees focus on their regular job duties.

Office shredders aren’t secure

Shredding confidential data using an in-office machine isn’t secure enough. The paper is simply cut into strips, making it easy for thieves to piece back together. Our machines shred paper into crosscut pieces that cannot be reassembled. Additionally, placing bags of shredded paper into your office recycling bins isn’t secure as it can easily be targeted by criminals. Our staff will take your shredded documents off site for secure recycling, ensuring that your material is safe throughout the process.

You’re storing obsolete digital media

If you’re storing old hard drives, CDs/DVDs, and other digital media in your office, you need a data destruction service. Deleting the content stored on these devices isn’t sufficient, as clever thieves can still access confidential information. We have the capacity to completely destroy this data beyond recovery.

With DataSafe, you’ll feel confident knowing your unwanted documents and data are being safely and securely destroyed. Whether you need your information to be destroyed monthly, weekly, or on a customized schedule, we’re able to work with you to meet your needs. Comply with information destruction laws while keeping your office clutter-free and secure.

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