The Importance Of Using Document Shredding

For businesses that handle confidential information on a daily basis, it isn’t enough to hold important documents in a secure storage facility. Documents can easily build up in an office environment, especially an environment that has yet to go paper-free.

The accumulation of documents in an office environment often leads to a myriad of problems that can be solved with a simple solution: document shredding.

Why Use Document Shredding?

When offices fail to use paper shredding services, they run multiple risks including:

  • Reduced production
  • Loss of revenue
  • Increased fire hazards

When unnecessary paper builds up around the office, it results in employees having to waste valuable time searching for needed documents. This causes employees to take longer on certain projects, therefore resulting in reduced production value. Additionally, if you’re shredding documents in-house, your employees are spending their valuable time shredding when they could be performing their actual job duties.

When employees are unable to find certain information on hand, they then re-print the document. If this is done enough times, the amount of money spent on toner and ink can actually create a significant loss in revenue. Not to mention, if your business does experience an unfortunate data breach, it can be result in serious fines and loss of business.

Additionally, if documents continue to build up on desks because the business isn’t using document disposal properly, this can actually increase the risk of fire. These important documents sitting on desks and in cubicles can serve as generalized fuel to flames should a fire ever begin by accident.

Identity Theft

Avoiding identity theft is the primary reason to engage the services of a professional shredding company. You reduce your liability and help protect the sensitive data of your customers, employees, and business. Identity theft is a common crime that cost Americans an estimated $56 billion in 2020 alone.

Because of this, document shredding is a business’s only way of being completely safe alongside hard drive data destruction. Physical documentation is the most commonly stolen information and office businesses, especially law firms, are particularly vulnerable because of the myriad of sensitive information available on paper.

Documents left around the office or simply recycled can easily be stolen or copied and used for crime or theft. Therefore, it’s essential for businesses to routinely shred documents that are no longer necessary to projects. Of course, an online copy should be made with an additional backup and even, perhaps, on a backup for the backup hard drive.

But if the physical document is no longer going to be used and has no need to be stored in a secure facility, it’s best to shred it using professional document shredding services.

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