For Fast, Affordable and Reliable Service, You Want #ShredLocalPDX

When you need to get boxes of paper shredded and piles of old hard drives destroyed, your top concern is probably finding a company that can quickly, affordably, and securely take care of your materials. But we’d like to add one more criteria to your list: local! Why should you work with a local shredding company and what are the advantages?

There’s no doubt: Local is better

Local businesses have long been promoted as a great alternative to big national corporations. What does a local business do for a community and the economy? A local business: 

  • Contributes to the tax base

    When a local company or resident gets their paper shredded with a local business, those tax dollars stay in the community and help to improve it. A local company like DataSafe will then turn around and pump profits from its economic activities back into the community. This fires up economic development. And yep, we pay taxes, unlike the big guys. No hiding from responsibility here.  

  • Creates local jobs

    Here at DataSafe, all of our employees are local residents. We don’t contract out positions or use call centers that are located in a foreign country. We believe in treating our employees fairly and equitably and we want to provide solid jobs to our neighbors. Our employees can take their income and invest back into the local economy as well.  

  • Boosts the community

    Local businesses want the community to succeed because they’re part of that community. We understand that our business decisions impact our neighbors. Because of that, we actively try to lift up others around us by donating our services and money to good causes that are important to us. From participating in charity events to creating relationships that contribute to the community’s long-term economic growth, DataSafe is invested in the  Portland-area community.  

  • Innovates

    Local businesses understand competition because we’re constantly trying to beat the big guys. In order to adapt to the changing business environment and the needs of our customers, we require innovative new ideas, services, and products. DataSafe’s need to stand out from the crowd has – time and time again – resulted in new services, the best in customer service, and a responsive business model that can pivot whenever necessary. 

DataSafe: Proud to be local, through and through

Since our company was founded in 1985 by a military veteran, we’ve been proud to call the Portland area our home. Our commitment to the community is seen through our volunteer and donation responsibilities, as well as how seriously we take being a part of the Portland business heritage. We understand that we serve the local economy and we’re proud to help make the area better for all its residents. Don’t fall prey to the companies gaming the system and trying to look local by setting up shop at UPS stores nationwide!

We are community-focused

As a local Portland company, DataSafe leadership makes major decisions based on what’s best for our company and our customers. At a big business, these types of decisions come down from executives who live all over and who don’t know their employees and their customers. As a result, revenue goals might be so aggressive that sales are blindly prioritized over customer needs, for example. This never happens at DataSafe. We make the decisions so we can take all the variables into account and act accordingly.

Our pricing is affordable and transparent

DataSafe’s fair pricing model is one way that customers benefit from local leadership. Our pricing is honest and transparent, with no sketchy recurring upcharges. Our customers pay for service as agreed upon. And if a customer has an issue with something? They can give us a call and one of our local employees will discuss any concerns. Our customers won’t be left on hold for hours as they try to connect to a call center somewhere.

For us, business IS personal

Our commitment to our customers is one reason that we take security so seriously. Our clients’ valuable information is vital to their business so it’s vital to ours as well. We don’t have a fancy PR team smoothing over our mistakes or outside investors propping up our financials. We rely on our customers and we ensure they can rely on us! DataSafe is proud to be entrusted with our clients’ vital information so we make sure their assets are kept safe and secure at all times. Our NAID AAA certification is just one of the ways we accomplish that, thanks to third party audits.

You have a choice on the company you choose to protect your personal documents and information. Why choose an impersonal, national company where you’re just another number? Partner with DataSafe and #ShredLocalPDX when you need:



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