5 Reasons to Partner with a Reputable Document Shredding Company

Does it make sense for your business to work with a professional shredding company? Keeping sensitive data secure is vital for continued success. Don’t risk your livelihood and that of your clients, customers, and employees. Ensure your reputation remains pristine and set up a regular shredding service! Read on for our top 5 reasons to use DataSafe.


#1: Legal Responsibility

Any business (whether large or small!) is legally responsible for securing sensitive information. Whether key privacy national legislation such as HIPAA and FACTA, industry-specific regulations, or municipal laws, there are many regulations guiding proper business practices. Simply tossing sensitive documents into a standard garbage or recycling bin invites trouble, and can be a threatening security risk to your business. Don’t risk being held liable for fraudulent actions or identity theft.

#2: Maintain Security Over Your Business

Using an office shredder in-house may seem like a great step towards safe document disposal, but in actuality it does pose some security problems. Without ongoing monitoring and recording, it can be extremely difficult to stay organized without misplacing information. It’s also a tedious job that takes away from employee time. Not only that, but office shredder shred material into strips which can technically be put back together to recover information. Partnering with a document destruction provider like DataSafe gives you peace of mind that all sensitive information will be 100% unrecoverable following destruction. For added reassurance you will receive a Certificate of Destruction that clearly indicates the shredding process was carried out professionally.

#3: Simple and Convenient Solutions

Forget about the dreaded task of having to remove staples, clips, and other materials before shredding your documents. Professional shredding doesn’t require any of this! Plus, at DataSafe, we provide your company with lockable, security bins when you choose a regular shredding schedule. Your documents will be securely stored until they’re collected for destruction. This extra security feature ensures information stays in one spot, eliminating any chances of lost or stolen records. Once we’ve established a shred date or schedule appropriate for your company, our specialists will arrive at your Portland location where we carry out the shredding directly before your eyes. We can also pick up your materials and shred them back at our secure location. No matter which option you choose, our methods follow strict industry standards and you’ll be guaranteed the best in security.

#4: Cost-Effective Services

When you make the decision to outsource your document shredding needs, there’s no need to use employee time to get the job done. In-house paper shredding takes considerable time, and often takes away from an employee’s day-to-day job tasks. By hiring a shredding company like DataSafe, you actually save money in the long-run because you’re not spending money on office shredder, and your employees aren’t removed from their regular work to perform this tedious activity. Focus on contributing to business growth, rather than taking away from it.


#5: One-Stop Shop

DataSafe provides services that go beyond just simply shredding. Clients can take advantage of our digital services, including cloud services, data recovery, document scanning, and technology escrow. Streamline your office practices while ensuring that your records are securely stored. We offer customized solutions for your office needs

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DataSafe has been serving the local Portland Metro since 1985. We’re deeply invested in our local community and take pride in offering vital services to people in this place we call home. Our professional and friendly staff are well-trained and take the security of your business seriously. Plus, DataSafe securely destroys your sensitive information in a variety of ways to ensure that all your needs are met (and your expectations are exceeded!). We offer our shredding services on a weekly, monthly, or customized schedule. We can pick up your materials and shred them on-site or take them back to our secure facility for destruction. You can also drop your materials off if you prefer. Whatever you need, we can deliver.


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