Tips for Turning to Professional Scanning Services in Portland

Document scanning is the most effective way to organize your critical business files and ensure you never misplace a business record or memo again. Paper documents can be lost easily due to improper filing or through accidental disposal. Not only that, accidents and disasters happen. Whether a storm targets your place of business or you are the victim of theft, documents can be damaged or stolen which could dramatically affect the state of your business.

When your Portland business chooses to create digital copies of each individual file through document scanning services, you can securely store data safely on your computer, CD or other digital media for future viewing or printing. This method of information back-up allows for easy file sharing in which multiple employees can access the same file at the same time if need be. Free up office space and make the transition to electronic data management; you’ll be glad you made the switch!

At DataSafe in Portland, our professionals will be sure to meet your specific scanning needs ensuring services are handled in a secure and efficient manner. In an effort to minimize preparation costs and for a smooth and hassle-free process, we recommend the following:

  • Unfold Files – If possible, please do your best to keep documents unfolded, as folding files will create a pronounced crease line on the rear of the page, which the scanner may interpret as an image; this may lead to additional time trying to remove them.
  • Avoid Staples – Staples can create blemishes on your files and they can be time-consuming to remove. Consider using paper clips or bands as an alternative solution.
  • Post It Notes – Using these for directional purposes is the perfect way to label without it being permanent. Your best option is to affix it to a blank spot on the document, which will mean the post it note won’t need to be removed and re-affixed at any point.
  • Affix Smaller Documents – With the use of good tape, simply attach any smaller documents such as receipts, to the document they pertain to so that all information remains organized and together when they are scanned. Always affix to a blank area on the document or a blank page next to it.

What sort of files should your Portland business be scanning? Essentially any records that are currently relevant to your organization or in regular use, can be scanned and retained for electronic management. Document scanning solutions contribute to compliant business procedures, as it offers a secure method of file keeping that is reliable. In relation to secure business operations, you may wish to scan:

  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Financial records
  • Engineering drawings and blueprints
  • Design documents and product specifications
  • Customer files such as purchase orders

Document scanning is an important consideration for an effective, document management program. When you outsource your scanning needs to DataSafe, operation costs associated with document storage will drop dramatically. Employees no longer have to face the dreaded task of looking through endless papers to locate a file; all information is right at your fingertips when you execute document scanning solutions.

Get in touch with DataSafe today in Portland, for a free, no-obligation consultation to determine how our document scanning services can be tailored to your needs.

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