What Can We Learn From The Equifax Data Breach?

Although the breach is no longer at the forefront of the public’s mind, the Equifax breach was the largest single data breach in American history. What was first believed to be just another data breach in a sea of cyber attacks against businesses turned into a disaster involving the breach of 145.9 million personal records.

We can’t undo what happened during the Equifax data breach, nor can we regain the information that was exposed. What we can do is learn from the experience so we can keep what happened to Equifax from happening to your business.

That said, what can we take away from the Equifax data breach?

What can we learn from the Equifax hack?

In the aftermath of the Equifax hack, companies need to be more careful about how and where they’re redirecting their security. Oftentimes, a company will attempt to use a legacy solution to fix a modern technology problem.

Unfortunately, doing this can leave gaps for hackers to easily break into and steal important and personal information. It’s crucial to take a fresh look at the situation at hand rather than using what’s been done in the past.

The better you’re able to understand the nature of the risks your company is facing, the better you’ll be able to address the issue.

Having experienced the Equifax data breach, here are four things your business can learn from the nation’s most devastating hack.

    1. Utilize document shredding services. Your organization may be more focused on protecting its online data than it is protecting its paperwork. But both sources need to be protected. Use safe and secure document shredding services to protect your printed information.
    2. Don’t forget about monitoring. Your company can’t keep data breaches from happening if they don’t know they’re happening. Use 24/7 computer monitoring so you know when someone’s trying to hack into your website.
    3. Keep your application developers involved. The employees on your security team may be the ones making decisions to buy new technology, but it’s your application developers who are adopting the new platforms. Keep them involved to know what needs protecting.

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