5 Fascinating Facts About Document Shredding

mobile shredding companyIdentity theft is a $50-billion-a-year industry and is considered the fastest growing crime in America. It’s true that paper shredding services can help to protect you and your business from identity theft and its negative effects.

However, shredding services have been around for years and have quite a number of fascinating facts about them aside from providing identity theft protection. Consider the following interesting facts you may not have known about your local document shredding services.

  1. The Watergate scandal brought document shredding into the spotlight
    Prior to the Watergate scandal, paper shredding was more of a background business that was used by government officials and lawyers. However, after President Nixon destroyed mass quantities of documents during the scandal in an attempted coverup, document shredding as a business came into the national spotlight.
  2. Shredding was used to fight the Nazis
    Although the first paper shredding machine was patented 1909, the first functional prototype was unable to be built before the creature, Abbot Augustus Low, passed away. The second, and first functional, shredding machine was used by Adolf Ehinger during World War II. Ehinger had created anti-Nazi propaganda as Hitler came to power and later shredded the propaganda in his possession to avoid inquiries.
  3. Your trash is considered public property
    Paper shredding became more popular among homeowners after the Supreme Court ruled in the 1988 case of California v. Greenwood that trash is public property if it’s on the curb. What’s more, anti-burning laws also prevent trash from being destroyed even if you have personal documents in your garbage bags.
  4. Paper shredding techniques were improved after a revolution
     In 1979, the Iranian regime enlisted the help of carpet weavers to reconstruct the shredding documents of the U.S. embassy in Tehran after the Iranian Revolution. The U.S. government began pulping and completely destroying documents after this event.
  5. Paper shredders have their own fingerprints
    The paper shredders that are used to destroy documents can be used in forensic investigations. The blades of the shredder and how it destroys the documents are considered unique even if the shredders came from the same manufacturer.

Your local mobile shredding company is an important part of your team. They help you purge documents safely and securely while preventing sensitive information from being stolen. To schedule your shredding services today, contact the mobile shredding company of Data Safe Inc.