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DataSafe named
one of the 2013's
Fastest Growing

The Portland Buisness Journal
awarded Datasafe the honor of
being named one of the top
100 for 2013...

leader in data
management for
nearly 30 years

Discover why Portland-Metro
businesses are choosing
DataSafe over national
competitors...

The Importance
of Records

DataSafe relieves companies
from the burden of document
storage, while providing
secure records pickup and timely
delivery options.

Need secure, off-site records storage?
DataSafe offers a full line of records management services including:
Long-Term Storage
Free up valuable storage and office space with our secure off-site management of your paper documents
File Indexing
Improve the efficiency of your records filing
& tracking systems using our sophisticated indexing system
Active File Storage
Convenient, reliable access to
your active files, 24 hours a day;
7 days a week
Document Shredding
With our cost-effective & convenient solution, there’s no need to worry about paper clips, bindings, or staple removal.
Information Security for the Digital Age
If a disaster strikes, is your company’s data safe?
Media Rotation Services
Establish a backup schedule that balances flexibility with the ability to recover from a potential disaster
Data Destruction
Securely eradicate data from hard disks, backup tapes, CDs/DVDs, hardware, test equipment, servers, and other media.
Offsite Data & Media Vault Storage
Guaranteed protection of your archive media and backup tapes from a localized event.
Technology Escrow Services
Protect your intellectual property through our customized escrow and licensing process.
Disaster-Proof Your Data with Cloud Services
Our Cloud Services Deliver Security, Reliability & Performance
Data Archive
Simple, Affordable Long-Term Storage with 24/7 access from Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix computers.
Virtual Data Center & Servers
Deliver your own customizable cloud infrastructure and IT solutions for a fraction of the cost of other cloud providers.
Online Backup
A true enterprise-class backup solution priced so that even small businesses can afford to be protected.
Protect Your Business with a Disaster Recovery Plan
Safeguard your business against any disaster or unexpected event
Disaster Recovery
Create a customized disaster recovery plan including Online Backup, Online Archives, Offsite Media Storage, and Data Protection.
Consulting Services
Understand how to manage your data more efficiently, reduce the cost of storage management, and implement a consolidated data storage plan.
Business Continuity Services
Get an up-to-date risk assessment and connect your IT infrastructure team to our robust disaster DR and business continuity plan that is relevant to your businesses requirements.