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We Do More Than Shred!

If you’re familiar with DataSafe, then you already know how awesome we are at shredding. From boxes of old digital media to warehouses full of paper, we have the know-how to get the job done efficiently, securely, and with a smile on our face. But you might not be so familiar with the other services we offer! Take a look and see what we can do for you.

Data Storage

In a perfect world, we’d shred all of your materials and you’d never have to worry about storage. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works, and it is often necessary to keep detailed, secure files. That’s where we come in.

  • Records management: Utilizing a solid records management plan is vital for your business. Ensure that you meet regulatory compliance and are equipped to access records for audits, general operations needs, and lawsuits. Outsource the storage and management of your hard records and save space at your facility and reduce labor costs. Plus, you’ll feel confident knowing your important documents are stored in a specialized, secure environment.
  • Document scanning: DataSafe offers both scanning applications and capture applications to help you achieve process efficiencies while increasing productivity. Avoid buying your own complicated and expensive software and don’t worry about implementing the proper infrastructure setup. Simply use DataSafe’s on-demand and back file scanning services, as well as day-forward imaging and our web-hosted repository. Our effective batch index process lets you easily locate documents when they’re needed. Plus, you can stay compliant with permission levels and audit tracking.

Data Vaulting

DataSafe provides secure and cost-effective off-site data storage. Our specialized facility is maintained to meet the highest industry standards, with temperatures at 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at 33-40 percent. Environmental controls are maintained constantly and tracked digitally to provide you with peace of mind. DataSafe’s trained and insured vault personnel provide differing levels of service based on how your data needs to be available: scheduled, rush, and emergency. With scheduled pickups and rotations of critical backups to bar code-based inventory control, you’ll be confident your stored material is secure and available to be accessed whenever you need it.

Digital Services

We’ve been pioneers in the digital world since 1984 and we take pride in utilizing the most efficient and secure options for our clients.

  • Cloud Services: If your small or medium sized business needs a backup solution, consider our online option that can supplement or completely replace tape backup systems, as well as backup remote servers and laptops. Simply install the software on the server or workstation that needs to be backed-up, create the schedule, and let it run. Reduce your costs by streamlining your maintenance with our secure backup – all data is compressed and encrypted and restoring data is easy.
  • Data Recovery & Conversion: Uh oh. Did your RAID system fail? Are your tape backups not restoring? Are you migrating data to a different format? DataSafe offers full data recovery and conversion services. We’ll get your data back and in the format you need so you can get back to work. Our proprietary technology provides the best chance for full data recovery. We also offer a range of data migration services to meet your needs.
  • Technology Escrow: If your business relies on specific software to operate, you need to make sure it will work no matter what happens in the future. If the developer who made your software ceases support or goes bankrupt, you don’t want to ensure your business can still function. Technology escrows protects the developer who made the software and the business who uses the software. Escrows provides the user with the resources required to keep software running in a worst-case scenario.

Questions? Need more information? Contact us today so we can discuss your business needs and determine how we can keep your company secure, efficient, and viable in 2020 and beyond.




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