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Importance of Secure Document Shredding

Data breach and identity theft cases are on the rise, and in most of these circumstances, they are a direct result of improper document disposal. Your organization holds a significant amount of confidential data that should be protected at all times during and after storage. Not only is secure, document shredding in your best interest for security purposes, it’s also a legal concern. In fact, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information throughout the entire lifecycle of your documents. In doing so, this ensures your business, employees and customers are protected.

Save Money and Time

Regular disposal of paper documents is the most effective method for combating the theft of confidential data, but without a reliable, secure and convenient system to ensure your sensitive business documents do not end up in the garbage, your business may fall victim to a costly data breach. Legal expenses and breach notification costs can cause a damaging effect on your business, and in some cases organizations go bankrupt or are unable to recover from the loss again. The risk is simply not worth it.

Shredding in-house requires employee time and dedication; if you’re like most companies chances are you do not have the extra resources to afford taking on this task. Wouldn’t you rather have your employees work on duties they were hired to perform? Remember that time is money.



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One-Time Purge Services

Purge shredding is an ideal solution for organizations or an individual who need a one-time or periodic shredding of sensitive information.

Purge shredding is an ideal solution for organizations or an individual who need a one-time or periodic shredding of sensitive information. At DataSafe, our capabilities enable us to make a one-time call to your site to shred your unwanted documents, regardless of the size of the job. Whether you are simply clearing out an overly-cluttered storage area in your office or you have an entire warehouse full of papers needing to be shredded, we are your ideal partner.

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Single-Trip Shredding Services: One Call Gets Rid of it All

We begin by establishing an onsite shredding action plan, which helps us guarantee the job is done properly. Then, we dispatch our friendly, uniformed staff members to arrive at your site at the agreed upon time. Finally, our staff members will shred your unwanted documents in a specialized shredding truck for immediate, secure, on-site disposal.

Our shredding trucks are capable of powering right through staples, paper clips, and similar items, and they have the shredding capacity necessary to handle even the biggest jobs promptly and efficiently. This is why clients throughout the Southeast trust us at DataSafe for one-time document destruction projects of all sizes and scopes.

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Route shredding is an ideal solution for organizations or businesses that need sensitive information shredded on a regularly-scheduled basis. If you expect to have a sustained need for document destruction services, then choose DataSafe for our regularly-scheduled Route shredding plans. You will receive your choice of lockable, secure storage bins or consoles to meet your facilities specific capacity needs. You and your staff simply place any unwanted papers and documents in your bin or console for safe storage until your scheduled pick-up day.

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Ongoing, Scheduled Route Paper Shredding Services

At DataSafe we are here to meet your specific regularly-scheduled document shredding requirements. Whether you need your sensitive documents destroyed, weekly, monthly, or on any other customized schedule, we are happy to accommodate and meet your needs.

On your scheduled pick-up days, one of our friendly, uniformed staff members will come to your site, empty your storage bins or consoles, and shred your unwanted documents immediately in one of our powerful shredding trucks. Our goal is to deliver peace of mind to you through friendly, precise service and secure, reliable document destruction.

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