On-Site Portland Document Shredding


On Site Document Shredding


While an in-house office shredder may seem like a practical solution, the only reliable and effective form of disposal that promises security and compliance is through professional document destruction. Data Safe offers reliable Portland document shredding solutions that are conveniently carried out onsite, directly at your business location. On-site document shredding offers the ability to witness the destruction of your documents, providing you the peace of mind that your information will never fall into the wrong hands. Simply place the documents in our secure containers and we handle the rest. You can rest assured that our locked security containers will drastically minimize the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive material, protecting information throughout the workflow process.

Our on-site process follows a strict chain of custody every step of the way, and most importantly, we promise that your records are 100% irrecoverable afterward. Following each shred job, DataSafe will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, which will outline that all of your documents were destroyed in a safe, professional manner. We recommend that clients keep this document for legal purposes or if any questions arise.

The only thing worse than relying on an unsecured personal shredder to get rid of sensitive information is failing to shred these types of documents at all. Sensitive material that isn't shredded increases a company's risk of unauthorized access and identity theft. DataSafe document shredding services can help minimize the risk of unauthorized access to this sensitive information.

DataSafe understands the need to keep assets safe and secure. With proven confidentiality, strict business ethics, and skilled security measures, DataSafe is the Portland document shredding service you can rely on with complete confidence.

On-Site Paper Shredding Portland OR Can Rely On
Utilizing an in-house paper shredding system may seem practical. However, document shredding isn't enough to properly dispose of sensitive information. DataSafe offers Portland document shredding solutions that not only shred sensitive material, but reliably destroy it for optimal security and peace of mind.

With DataSafe Portland document shredding services, simply place the documents you wish to have shredded into our secure containers. Unlike average paper disposal, our secure containers drastically reduce the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. This is because we understand the necessity to protect information throughout the entire workflow process, not just at the time of document disposal.

After you've placed the documents you wish to shred into our secure containers, we'll take care of the rest. DataSafe guarantees high security of your information during our on-site document shredding process.

After each shredding job we perform for your business, DataSafe will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction ensuring you that your records are completely irrecoverable and have been destroyed in a professional and safe manner.

Facilities Built For Paper Shredding Portland OR Can Trust
Not only does DataSafe operate a safe and secure document shredding process from beginning to end, but our climate controlled facility is purposely built for our customers' complete security. Unlike other document shredding services, our facility has no shared wall space with other tenants and we don't advertise on the sides of our building or vehicles.

Keeping your information and assets safe, secure, and unknown to unauthorized outsiders is not only our mission, but also our guarantee. Experience our courteous, secure, and experienced paper shredding services today and you'll see why our customers choose DataSafe.